What Are Dentures Made Of?

An injury, tumor surgeries, gangrene, inflammation and similar organ damage as a result of the rest of the body to protect the health of the damaged organ is removed. Prostheses mimicking the function and shape of this organ are attached to the remaining body cavity using auxiliary materials.

Prostheses are called according to the area they are applied to jaw-face prostheses, dental implants by DSA prostheses, arm, hand, leg prostheses, ear prostheses, hair prostheses, eye prostheses.

Most prostheses cannot fully mimic the function and appearance of the organ but can help to some extent. However, with the construction of prostheses, the patient’s psychology is slightly improved.

Prostheses are made of various materials such as rubber, vinyl, acrylic, porcelain, titanium, gold and so on.

In the case of organ damage, if there is a mechanical holding area where the prosthesis can enter and hold,

With the help of mechanical elements such as handle, clamp, clamp, hook and crochet.

What is the prosthesis made of?

It is made of two items. Titanium comes first, and the second is an alloy, cobalt chromium is made from the combination of metals such as molybdenum. What is important here is the material used in the moving part of the prosthesis. Young patients today use ceramic in the mobile part.

What is a prosthetic tooth and what is it made of?

To eliminate the aesthetic defects that occur as a result of various changes occurring in the mouth or in the mouth, the name of the dental treatments applied is expressed as prosthesis. Prosthetic teeth are replaced by missing teeth, removing speech and chewing functions, and aesthetically replacing natural teeth.

The most important factor causing the loss of teeth is the failure to treat gingival diseases. Other than this, accidents can lead to tooth loss. Teeth losses can lead to weakening of the jawbone, leading to many problems. In this case, the applied treatment method is prosthesis. Nowadays, new materials are used to prepare the denture based on the mold and dimensions given by the dentist. With the ΓΌ implant estetik method and technology that has been developed in recent years, it is possible to make teeth that can perform artificial but completely natural dental function and aesthetic appearance even in patients who have not had a single tooth to be implanted in the mouth. With this new technology, the alloyed jawbone-specific alloy metals are placed in the place where the denture will sit. After this stage, these metal parts are covered with artificial teeth and the prosthesis is applied on these artificial teeth.

So, what are the prostheses made of?

Fixed dentures are divided into crowns and bridges. Materials used in making these prostheses are; Full metal, metal-supported porcelain tooth or full porcelain tooth can be called. No substance used for prostheses is harmful to human health.

Movable prostheses have different names according to different characteristics:

  • Full dentures
  • Partial prostheses
  • Temporal (temporary) prostheses
  • Over dentures (dental or implant top) prostheses

Now that you have an idea of what dentures are made up of, it is time to get yourself checked to see if you would need dentures or not.

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