Why Sticking With One Type Of Advertising Will Destroy You

Running the same ad for more than few months or even weeks depending on what promoting, will start to lose potential and not be profitable anymore. A new ad best performing time is in the first week at most, promoting the same ad in the same country to the same people, after few days mostly will get bored and interaction will drop. Changing advertising more than two-three times a month can accomplish more than one goal, and be more profitable in the long run. If changing isn’t an option, buy solo ads this way advertisements will be shown to different people in different countries as long as it is run. Hiring someone to take care of ads can also be profitable, good offers and good management can pull good profit even if you run a new ad a day.

To run one type of advertisement for more than few days or even weeks can damage reputation due to people getting used to see that other day after day. New images and new interesting offers can interact better even with old customers, getting more sales over time from the same ad that has been running for the last weeks won’t happen. Sales will start to slow down; if a lot of filters are applied it’s possible for sales not to be constant and not profitable. Clicks will be lower and this change can increase the CPC rate, more money to be invested every day but not that many sales in order to cover up all the advertising expenses. It’s easy to think that setting up an advertising campaign its easy or it will work, but the truth is that a lot of testing campaigns have to be made till you find that one that is converting and pulling out a profit.

After figuring that out, it’s easy, just duplicate the same ad strategy with different offers and images, or just different country or people.

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