How You Should Respond When You Have a Warrant For Your Arrest

The moment police have issued a warrant for your arrest, they are building a case on you. All they want is to get some evidence, go through some lie detector test and lock you up. Keep in mind, they are professionals and thus have undergone all polygraph training needed for this to happen.

But what happens if they issue a warrant for your arrest? Should you try to escape or do you turn yourself in? What should you tell them?

First things first, whenever you receive a warrant, always turn yourself in. Do not wait for the police to pick you up because if they do things will be ugly. Not only will they plot to ensure you are locked up for a long time but also they will find ways to harass you throughout these processes. In addition, failing to turn yourself in is an indication that you might be guilty of the accusation.

But before turning yourself, try to do the following

Interact With A Lawyer

The first thing to do before turning yourself is talk to a lawyer. Get some professional who can help you out by arranging your ‘turning-yourself-in process.’ Create time to meet with a lawyer who has some experience in this. Get someone who can help you make a plan of release before you turn yourself in.

Turn Yourself

Once you’re done, turn yourself in. It is advisable that you list the names and numbers of friends and families who can be willing to be a surety for you. But do not come with a personal car or belongings to the station. This will make it harder for you to get them if you are not released.

But You Should be Careful that The Police Do not Mistreat You

Lack of knowledge of the law has painful consequences and since you cannot memorize it all, you need a lawyer to fill you in on some of the things that the police should not do. The police are allowed to only do two things:

  1. Let you go
  2. Present you to a lawyer

However, they do not have any responsibilities of asking you questions. This is because, once they do, they will be breaking some law and if you are not aware, you might be intimidated. In addition, ensure you remain silent throughout the hearing.

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