IVF And Europe – Everything You Need To Know

If you wish to have a baby with in vitro fertilization and use a surrogate mother, in Europe, you will unlikely fail. Not because there are not healthy people, the problem is in legality.

Despite the fact that EU leading countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain think that they are liberal, still, surrogacy is illegal there. Big European nations deny the progress regarding surrogacy and in vitro fertilization. Again, small countries could be more progressive than Germany or France. In small European countries such as Ukraine and Georgia, surrogacy is legal. Local governments in that countries already agreed that surrogacy is progress and they should help couples without children.

Some couples may have problems related to Uterus, sperm or eggs. Surrogacy and in vitro fertilization is the rescue for this kind of couples or single parents. Keep in mind that IVF clinic can be found in few countries in EU because of big nations make it illegal.


In the heart of EU, Belgium is very strict when we talk about the surrogacy. Commercial surrogacy is illegal, but legally they approved altruistic surrogacy. That’s the type of surrogacy when surrogate mother is not waiting for financial gains. During altruistic surrogacy, intended parents are covering the fees of a healthy pregnancy and medical treatment. A surrogate mother is doing it because she helps couples with pregnancy problems.


Ukraine is one of the most progressive countries in Europe. In Ukraine, surrogacy is fully legal from 2002. First surrogate Ukrainian citizen was born first in 1991. Everything happened in Ukraine’s big city Kharkov, and the little child “Katy” was born. Today, in the country you can use both types of surrogacy – traditional and gestational. Surrogate mothers can have both intentions – financial gains and doing surrogacy only for an altruistic reason. Lawyers are thoroughly trained before starting a practice in this industry. According to Ukrainian court decisions, rights of intended parents are in safe hands. By the local law of the country, surrogate mothers have no rights on the child.


It’s a tiny country in Europe. We have chosen it because traditional and gestation surrogacy is legal there. Georgia has an agreement with EU about different aspects, but as it seems Georgians are far ahead leading European countries. In Georgia, the surrogate mother can participate in surrogacy and carry a pregnancy with the intention of financial gain.

Despite the strict policy of EU, little European countries try to stay ahead of progress.

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