Instagram Over Facebook: Review

Instagram and Facebook are both social media platforms that are extremely popular today. However, the trend has been shifting (slowly, but surely) from Facebook to Instagram over the last few years. It might have started probably because it was new and people generally hype up a new app when it first pops into the store. But the hype, for some reason, did not die down for Instagram, and this article will tell you why.

Facebook is something that even our parents have familiarised themselves with. And for those who of us who have secrets we don’t want our parents to know right now, blocking them and having them see the Facebook app on our phone, doesn’t do any of us any good. Enter Instagram. Here, considering we have the advantage that it’s pretty new and our parents are not on these yet, we can post all kinds of things with/ without their knowledge and lead a happy (social media) life.

Also, Instagram gives its users a certain level of privacy that has disappeared from Facebook of late. For example, if your friend tags you in a meme, all your friends will notice a post on their feed saying “XYZ and ABC commented on this post”, which could be extremely daunting if the meme falls into the category of being borderline questionable. Tom’s, Dick’s and Harry’s, you did not even know existed, will line up first to judge you, and honestly speaking, it is something you are better off without. In Instagram, this problem doesn’t exist and your friends don’t get notified if someone tags you in a meme (unless of course, they spot it, then God save you).

One other good thing about Instagram is that the feed isn’t as cluttered as that of Facebook. In the latter, there’s too much happening on the screen for you to even process the entirety of it. Instagram on the other hand, for the most part, manages to keep your feed clean (though the last few updates have been annoying to put up with).

Also, Instagram is preferred over Facebook as it does not require you to download an additional app from the Playstore for chatting with your contacts on the app, the way Facebook manipulates you into downloading Messenger by not letting you message your contacts after a said period of time.

There are ways to cheat the program here as well, which is why you can simply buy Instagram followers has come into being. But they are not entirely prevalent yet.

These are some reasons why Instagram has become more popular than Facebook. If you have other reasons to add, it is never too late to spread the word.

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