How To Improve Your Click Through Rates For SEO

Imagine you have a website which either states some important content or is a business website. You may be wondering how to improve sales or visibility to the users. Search engine optimization is how you can do it. Apart from the usual drill of choosing catchy titles, using appropriate metadata and title, you also need to be concerned about the click-through rates. Click through rate is an important factor for the various search engine algorithms to rank your web page high and thereby increase your overall visibility. Google AdWords and other such technology use factors like user engagement rates to determine the visibility of an ad. So how can you improve your visibility not just on a temporary basis but on a sustained basis? Here are 4 ways you can do it easily using Google.

Use your Google search console to identify pages with low CTR. Do not make any changes to pages with a good click-through rate. Improve and optimize the pages with below average rates. Prioritise these pages, so that they can improve on their CTR ranking.

Use a lot of emotional adjectives to improve your click-through rates. Keywords which express feelings of anger, sadness, happiness, etc. need to be used along with your other keywords. This will improve click rates drastically. This will give you an edge over other people and will also help with your conversion rates.

Work to improve other metrics as well. This will improve your chance of long-term standing in terms of better rankings. Time on site, bounce rate are some of the important factors to be considered. Check how long a user is engaged in your site. This needs to be a considered as a factor for Google to improve your rankings. Google can predict the conversion rates based on such signals. So make sure to have catchy content to engage your customers or readers.

Use ads to market your webpage digitally. Facebook and other such sites show ads on a corner of their pages. Use paid ads to propagate your website. This will prompt new users to know about your business and for existing users, it will tempt them to click through and buy something. This will drastically improve your click-through rates. Don’t fret! The paid ads are not very costly. You can spend less than 50$ a day and still get high click-through rates. You can look up Melbourne SEO services to help you out on this.

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