How To Be Popular Online

Very often we start with one notion while expressing it and it then ourselves online takes shape of something tasteless. Your circle on online messengers depends on feeds from you so consistently posting content of a particular theme will give structure to your identity.
Today, stories are a common feature of any online messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger is to name a few. Uploading stories regularly reestablishes your online presence with the idle contacts.

Your display picture as well as your user handles, for example, kik usernames should reflect the identity you want to put forward online.


Online friends base their reaction on what comes on the screen. Once you have gained traction with a loyal friend base, introducing variety in the content that you share is advisable. Whether it is sharing a media file in a group or engaging in one on one communication, diversity in what you share is naturally more attractive.

Touch topics that even remotely interest you, ranging from nature to politics. You never know, what you find banal, might pique somebody else’s interest. Popularity comes unannounced.


We have to keep in mind that with the consolidation of networking sites and instant messaging, they now are one or the same. This gives us a platform to be more vocal about our thoughts, so always make it a routine to appear in feeds if you are focusing on popularity.

An average user’s friend list contains people with diverse taste and presently all formats of unobjectionable content are acknowledged on sites and messengers. Try vlogs, sketches, compositions or even fascinating pictures, they all are exquisite content which is shared widely. Tag more people in your posts and use trending hashtags to notify them when you share something.

Give people something they will like about you, and popularity shall follow.

Paid Boosts

When an enterprise or an individual aims at gaining online popularity, generally with the intent of monetization, paid boosts are advised in such cases. Usually opted with the motive of advertising and generating traffic on a webpage, there are optimization services available that will accelerate the rate at which you appear online to other users.

Search optimizers integrates your content with popular searches so that your user handle shows up more often when people search for related topics. They use special algorithms to establish a demographic based impression of your content. This will require you to constantly engage your audience, as communication is key when it comes to utilize all the paid impressions that you have created.

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