What 5 Studies Say About Health Benefits of CBD

The one reason why marijuana has not been legalized by many states is that of the effect of psycho-activity. But as times moves, and research is conducted, more findings are discovered. There is documented evidence regarding the non-psychoactivity, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety characteristics of CBD.

This has been reported in a number of studies conducted by various health and educational institutions. Here are what some of the famous studies on this phytochrome say.

A study conducted by Orrin Devinsky et. al, in 2014 demonstrated that the compound may provide a promising treatment for epilepsy in children, more so Dravet syndrome. This is a positive indication regarding this product. The current conventional drugs can help reduce the effects but not cure completely. Perhaps the many cases of epilepsy in children and young adults could receive a huge boost in the whole world.

GS Wang, in the Journal of Medical Toxicology 2017, also outlined the benefit of this compound. His study reported that epilepsy might be treated using CBD. This emphasizes the previous findings. Thus, the consistency in the cure of epilepsy eliminates any skepticism about the compound.

Research scientist Ethan B. Russo says in one of his studies that this compound is a non-euphoriant and anti-inflammatory. It can be used for the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis and cancer. These are really encouraging signs given the health problems attached to cancer. These results are good news given the occurrence of many cases of the mentioned conditions. And nearly all of them need emergency attention.

The research by Marija Darkovja and others demonstrated that the compound has analgesic effects which can help in the treatment of cancer pain. This is achieved without causing any serious side effects. The study also reports that it can neutralize the skin pains and spasms. If these findings are true, the medical field is in for great success.

Finally, there is this study by Krestin Iffland and Franjo Grotenherman. They provide the following conclusions from their research; it is safe to use the product, the side effects reported are minor (such as tiredness). They also, alarmingly, say that other drugs could have more bad side effects compared to this compound or its related products.

Overall, many studies have been done. More are still in progress. The more they reveal the potential health benefits of these products, the easier it becomes for “rigid” governments to soften their opinions.

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