3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know A Blood Test Could Reveal

Hemoglobin levels, Blood Platelet count, Cholesterol levels are the least of what a blood test can reveal about you and your health. A drop of blood from your fingertip can say a lot about you. Don’t be shocked to know that it can reveal your biological age, can check out if you’re depressed or having mood swings lately and a way lot more than this! Check out for a few surprising things that a blood test can say about you below.

Find Your True Age!

Chronological age refers to the number of years a person has lived, based on the date of birth. On the other hand, Biological age tells how old you really are based on your body conditions and internal systems by comparing it to a general group of people of your age. If you’re are fit and have healthy habits like going for regular walks and doing exercises in your daily regime, even if you’re chronologically 50 years old, your blood might give your biological age around 45-48. Smoking, drinking, a high BMI and regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages will add up a few numbers to your biological age making you old. A blood sample of around 1000 people is used to model the protein level and types which in turn is used to compare with your blood giving you the biological age.

Are you dehydrated? Ask your blood!

Dehydration is generally not considered a big disease by many people and most people forget to drink water or other fluids at regular intervals which are required by our body for its undisturbed functioning. Dehydration stresses out your heart, reduces your clear thinking capability and increases fatigue. The level of electrolytes such a sodium and potassium in your blood can easily tell if you’re dehydrated and can also inform about how well your kidneys are functioning.

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Beat The Blues!

Mood swings are generally common across people when they have had a bad day at work or encountered a petty fight with their partner. Depression and a temporary bad feel are different and a certain brain chemical, which is also present in the blood, can detect the depression in a person. Longer is the sadness, higher is the possibility of you ranking low on your happiness hormones. Your blood can help the doctors identify depression easily who can help you with immediate medication for a speedy recovery.

These are a few of the many surprising things that a blood test can reveal which we wouldn’t even have thought of. Knowing all this, don’t we feel there’s some magic in our body which leaves us awestruck by its nature and the creation?

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